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Floor Molding

Different Floor Molding Options

The last step of flooring installation in Santa Ana, CA, is the floor molding. This helps provide coverage over expansion gaps and creates a finished look around the edges of the room. There are different floor molding types for you to consider based on your style.

Wall Base Molding: This adds a nice decorative touch to the edges of the room. They provide a sophisticated finish in a variety of colors.

Quarter Round Molding: These moldings create a versatile perimeter that still covers the expansion gap. These can be used at the base of steps in addition to a wall base.

End Cap Molding: This molding has several uses, including the transition from carpet to laminate and exterior doors and fireplaces. It has one raised side to allow protection from damage and debris.

T-Molding: This molding is used for even height surfaces and is commonly used in hallway and doorway transitions.

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