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Crown Molding

Myths about Crown Molding

Crown molding in your home can enhance the look and increase the value, but there are some myths that can deter homeowners.

Ceilings Are Too Low: Moldings that extend further than the wall can actually give the optical illusion that makes ceilings look taller.

Crown Molding Shouldn’t Be Used for Rooms Frequented by Children: Some believe that crown moldings aren't suitable for playrooms or kid’s bedrooms because they aren’t durable enough. However, high-density polyurethane moldings can be extremely durable and are the perfect addition to any room.

Moldings Should Be White: They don’t have to be white and, in fact, should be the same color as the moldings that are already in the home. They can be suitable for any room décor.

All Moldings Should Be the Same Style: All the crown moldings in your home don’t need to be the same style and some styles may be more appropriate for some rooms. There is a wide variety to choose from.

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