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Crown Molding Installation

Can Crown Molding Installation Increase Home Value?

Anything that gives your home a more stylish appearance can raise its value. For crown molding installation to increase your home value, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Use the Right Style: You have to use the right style of crown molding. An ornate molding in a modern living room will look out of place.

Install It Correctly: Crown molding installation must be done correctly in order to increase value. It can be tricky because it needs to fit neatly where the ceiling meets the wall.

Use the Right Size: Crown molding will come in a variety of widths and in different patterns and shapes. Choose a simple molding for a bedroom or small area. You can experiment with a more complex shape in a living room or larger dining area.

Concentrate on Main Rooms: You don’t have to put crown molding in every room for the right effect. It’s less important in bedrooms and should be used for the main rooms.

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