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Base Molding

Different Materials for Base Molding

Base molding can be made out of different materials and there are so many different options. When choosing which base molding is best, there are pros and cons to each one.

Solid Wood: This can be the most natural option and bring an organic feel into the home. Hardwood options will rarely crack and won’t warp. Solid wood molding will allow you to decide on the consistent color pattern thought your home since solid wood will do well with a variety of different stains.

Jointed Pine: This offers the same feel as solid wood but at a better price point. This can also be more flexible and easier to install. The finger joints are visible and you would have to use a dark stain to cover them up if you choose.

MDF: This is a popular option because it’s economical and easy to use. It’s considered fungus and mold resistant so it’s a good option where water damage can be a concern.

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