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Acoustic Ceiling Removal

What to Do after Acoustic Ceiling Removal

When you work with a professional after acoustic ceiling removal, you have many options. Acoustic ceiling removal may be a necessary process, but you will have to do something with your ceiling after to make it look fresh. That’s where Ceiling Master experts have you covered. The following are some of the ways we can transform a shabby ceiling into something you’ll absolutely love.

Apply a New Ceiling Texture: Professionals can create many different styles and types of ceiling texture. These modern coatings look way better than the popcorn ceiling that was there previously. Some modern ceiling textures include smooth, plastering, and burlap aged.

Install a Beadboard with Crown Molding: After acoustic ceiling removal, replace it with a beadboard. These can be stained or painted and can give you many style options that include country, traditional, and Victorian.

Paint Faux Finishes: There are many different faux finishes you can choose for your nearly smoothed ceiling. Some of these include artisan metal leaf, color wash, glazing, stenciling, or metallic ridge.

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