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Orange County, California Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Ceiling Master is the leader in acoustic ceiling removal in Orange County. Over 25 years serving Orange County Residents with pride

Beware of fly by night operators...check out any contractor with the BBB before you hire anyone to work in or around your house. A low price is no bargain if the work you paid for needs to be redone by a licensed professional. 

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AlsoVisit the BBB Website and see our rating. Remember, always check any contractor for their BBB Rating! known as 'Popcorn' or "Cottage cheese" ceiling removal. Our team of experienced workers helps to improve the  look and value of your home while also making it healthier to live in.

Breathe Easier

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. Dirt, dust, cobwebs and molds will no longer be a concern once these "cottage cheese" surfaces are replaced.


Modernizing your home by removing the old popcorn ceiling and replacing it with one of todays up to date textured finishes is perhaps the most visible and cost effective improvent you can make!

Our fully licensed electricians can also upgrade your outdated ceiling fixtures at your option. These small expenditures can really pay off big returns when you sell your home.

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Buyers try to knock thousands off your asking price,when they see old  popcorn ceilings.

Maximize your position by eliminating the problem before you sell!

It so often makes the difference.


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Call us at 714-542-1928 or fill out our online contact form.


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